World’s Only Global Conference Focused on the Lived Experiences of Women of Color in Business Begins

11/12/2020, New York // KISSPR //

Awesome Enterprises LLC, the leader in transformative communication-based personal leadership for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) women, today announced that the Mistress of Her Divinity Summit ( MOHD Summit[1] ) registration is open. As the expert industry’s premier personal development event series for women of color, MOHD Summit is the world’s first and only international event where BIPOC corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit/for-benefit organization leaders from around the world share their personal narratives on how they use the authority, wisdom, and expertise of their lived experiences and professions as an expression of their sacred gifts and values. Participants will gain knowledge that empowers them to better navigate marginalizing spaces, enlivens them to become more secure in leveraging their gift and experiences, and enriches them with a network community built for collaboration and co-creating sustainable success.

The Mistress of Her Divinity MOHD Summit virtual series kicks off on Friday, November 13-15, featuring an executive interview with Diana Osagie, Director of The Academy of Women’s Leadership and online personality DanaSimone!®.  Mistress of Her Divinity: Using Your Profession as an Expression of Highest Values and Sacred Gifts  will explore challenges BIPOC womxn face today, opportunities as a “culture add, not culture fit”, and provide insights on how to leverage and present the fullness of our authority, wisdom, and expertise across business environments. 

“We launched Mistress of Her Domain to fill a void in the professional and personal development space. Before Mistress of Her Domain, there was not a space dedicated to providing professional women of color with a deep understanding of how their lived experiences can be used as a competitive advantage in the marketplace while simultaneously honoring their values and highest self,” said Jacqueline Shaulis, Founder & Chief Empress, Awesome Enterprises LLC. “Like many counterparts, we decided that the need for safe connection was essential, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Shifting to a virtual format promises to deliver one-of-a-kind compelling conversations, networking opportunities, and co-working experiences that will feature global thought leaders, who will share their insights and vision around future-proofing work specifically as women of color.”

The ecosystem of companies delivering diversity-minded goods and services has grown tremendously over recent years. The hunger for spaces dedicated to the needs and opportunities of BIPOC women has exploded, as women of color are inspired by the historic rise of Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other BIPOC women in politics, as well as the wake of the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements. To help further educate and inform Mistress of Her Divinity Summit attendees, a number of industry innovators have signed on, including The Academy of Women’s Leadership, Latinx Voces en Salud, OneUniversal Media, Latinas In Higher Education, and Green Muslims. 

The Mistress of Her Divinity Summit represents women of color from across the globe, including North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The featured speakers and thought leaders, known as Guiding Lights, are: Jacqueline Shaulis, Dalia Kinsey, Omawumi Ogbe (Nigeria), Tisha Marie Pelletier, Vicky Ayala, Phebean Amusan (Nigeria), Kimberly Erwin, Pamala McCoy, Gracie Jones, Rosann Santos, Neha Misra (India), Jing He (United Arab Emirates), Dee Woolridge, Tabitha Liburd, Marie Roker-Jones, Minister Barbara Keggins, DanaSimone Savage, Lisa Adams, Rynette Upson, Diana Osagie (United Kingdom), and Dr. Paulina Sosa (Mexico).

To attend the virtual series, guests can register at[2]. A complimentary Mistress Mastery Assessment is available at[3].




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Awesome Enterprises LLC is the global leader in transformative communication-based personal leadership for professional women of color. Nearly 1,000 public and private sector organizations have benefited from founder Jacqueline Shaulis’ Embrace Your Awesome ™ philosophy to recognize and support emerging and established leadership, increase on-going employee satisfaction and engagement, and improve diversity & inclusion (D&I) from the spectrum of BIPOC womanhood. Awesome Enterprises’ solutions serve clients around the world in nearly every major industry, including many of the Global 2000. As a thought leader on transformative communication and personal leadership for women of color, Awesome Enterprises LLC was founded in 2011 and has worked with organizations such as American Express, Microsoft, Associated Press, Federal Reserve Bank, and UNICEF. Learn more about the Embrace Your AWESOME ™ philosophy and speaking opportunities at[7].

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