Lora DiCarlo Releases Third Robotic Pleasure Device With a Focus on Clitoral Stimulation, While Encouraging Orgasms for All With 1-on-1 Sexual Wellness Coaching

BEND, Ore.–([1])–Lora DiCarlo, the consumer robotics and sexual wellness company, today released Baci, the latest award-winning microrobotics and bio-mimetic pleasure device in the Osé family of products. Baci aims to break down orgasm barriers with its use of Lora DiCarlo’s signature advanced technology, that now simulates the feel of the human mouth and tongue. Baci, which translates to “kiss” in Italian, uses lifelike sensations to fulfill a diverse range of desires and preferences for clitoral stimulation.

As the third to win the prestigious CES Innovation Award in Robotics, Baci joins Lora DiCarlo’s innovative products, Osé and Onda, which are designed to empower, build confidence and help individuals explore their pleasure profile, regardless of experience level. With self-care, physical and emotional wellness being of high concern in recent months, Lora DiCarlo continues to educate consumers on the benefits of maximizing pleasure in times of uncertainty.

The small and mighty design delivers gradual clitoral stimulation to indulge users’ craving for the ultimate sexual experience, all while being body-safe, waterproof and rechargeable. Baci’s unique features include microrobotics that mimic human touch, replicating the feeling of a mouth, lips and tongue over the clitoris, airflow technology, which creates two unique sensations of light suction and rhythmic thrumming, and a palm-shaped design that nestles comfortably in one’s hand.

The microrobotics and airflow technology work to stroke and caress while Baci’s smooth ridges thrum against the full body of the clitoris. Developed in partnership with Oregon State University’s College of Engineering, Baci represents four years of physiological research and is subject to five patents, all with a pointed goal of ending the frustration around difficulty orgasming – which affects 1 in 3 women in their lifetimes.

“The largest U.S. study of female sexual dysfunction, from American Sexual Health Association, found that 21 percent of women are unable to achieve orgasm despite being aroused, which is something we wanted to address with Baci and our comprehensive approach to self-care,” said Lora Haddock DiCarlo, CEO and Founder of Lora DiCarlo. “We’ve seen the sexual health industry spend billions of dollars on sexual dysfunction treatments for men while, essentially, ignoring the needs of women, femmes and non-binary people. The Lora DiCarlo team of engineers, almost all of whom identify as women, design our products to push the boundaries of what is expected in tech and sexual health and wellness.”

Founded in 2017, Lora DiCarlo has pushed for the inclusion of sexual pleasure in conversations about health and wellness, while striving for a sexually equitable world where all genders and sexualities are met with innovative and thoughtful tools on their path to enjoyment. The belief that all people have the right to explore their sexual pleasure has been a cornerstone of the initiatives and products launched by Lora DiCarlo, including a robust sexual wellness coaching program (WellSx) and an innovative approach to self-care that complement the Osé family of devices.

The Osé product line currently includes three devices that each focus on specific pleasure profiles, including the G-spot orgasm, the clitoral orgasm, and the blended orgasm, which results from simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The technology driving the brand presents an opportunity for consumers to explore the complexities of their individual bodies and reach heightened potential for bliss.

The push for sexual exploration with first-rate technology led to the development of the virtual WellSx coaching sessions, wherein customers receive one-on-one guidance on how to best prioritize and maximize pleasure. The sessions became a top priority for Lora DiCarlo after consumer survey results showed that a sex coach is the top tool customers say would help them try new sexual fantasies. The program’s certified sexual wellness coaches encourage users to explore the sex life they’ve always wanted and deserve, with custom advice on introducing more sensation, connection and adventure, while addressing common concerns like shame and guilt, low libido, building confidence, and more.

The 50-minute, personalized session is completely confidential and tailored to the specific needs of consumers. Individual sessions are valued at $120 and can also be purchased in a 4-pack at the price of $432.

In addition to WellSx coaching sessions, the company has established a wellness and sexual health resource at http://LoraDiCarlo.com/health[2] that provides insightful content to help people feel more empowered. The website includes how-tos, expert interviews, and health and wellness tips that cover a wide range of topics such as orgasmic yoga practices for deeper pleasure, finding the right toy, and a Get to Know Your Body 101 section that includes a plethora of knowledge on orgasm types, vaginal health, intimacy building, masturbation and more.

Baci is now available for purchase at LoraDiCarlo.com, retailing for $160. The other members of the Osé family of products, Osé and Onda, are available for $290 and $180, respectively. For more information about Lora DiCarlo and its family of products, visit LoraDiCarlo.com[3] or follow Lora DiCarlo on Instagram[4], Twitter[5] and Facebook[6].

About Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo is a woman-run start-up that is determined to change the face of sex tech. Proudly sex-positive and gender-inclusive, Lora DiCarlo’s goal is to create products and educational resources that promote female and LGBTQ+ sexual empowerment. The company has partnered with Oregon State University’s College of Engineering to develop a range of products to close the orgasm gap and make blended orgasms a right rather than a reach. For more information on Lora DiCarlo visit: www.loradicarlo.com[7].

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